Company + E-Commerce Projects

Here is a sampling of a few service and retail oriented business projects that I have worked on. A few web sites I had total control on the look and feel of, then there are other websites that the client had their own style in mind. The final result will be what the client envisions. Their individual CLIENT PAGES are not up yet, I hope to have their content uploaded within the next week or so.

Dancing Pros Inc.


Alec Mazo + Edyta Sliwinska

(Live Stage Production)

Client Page

LeNique Designer Dancewear


Nick + Elena Kosovich

(Designer Dancewear + Studio)

Client Page

Parquet by DIAN


Dima Efros

(Parquet Flooring Manufacturer)

Client Page

Deluxe Manufacturing Concepts


George Riveria

(Design and Manufacture Furniture)

Client Page

Gallo’s Pharmacy


Michael De Giglio + Robert Annicharico

(Retail Pharmacy and Compound Services)

Client Page

Delco Drugs


Robert Annicharico

(Retail Pharmacy and Compounding Services)

Client Page

Endless Beauty


Shay Cohen + Estella Tohaza

(Retail Beauty Supply Store)

Client Page

Coe Camera Rental


Chad Coe

(Online Camera Rental Service)

Client Page

Medical Nutrition Network


Alicia Calvo + Associates

(Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators)

Client Page

Mobile Concepts


Courtenay Michaels

(Mobile Fitness Service)

Client Page

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