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“Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.”
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Our Mission Statement

Our global mission is to create a community of empowered individuals. For those that are currently facing hardships; unemployed vets, cancer patients, the homeless, disadvantaged youth, and orphaned foster kids. Coalition Of Heroes is a gathering of individuals that will serve as mentors to those that seek to better their lives through the Entrepreneurial and Financial services that we will offer.

We will give them the tools and resources needed to become entrepreneurs, creating financial independence and long lasting positive habits.

We will create empowerment within these individuals, enabling them to succeed, regardless of their surroundings or environmental situations.

In doing this we will cultivate each individual’s purpose in life, breaking the cycle of hopelessness. For most individuals it will be their opportunity to start over with a clean slate and pay it forward by becoming a hero to others.

We believe that hardships and successes may come and go in our lifespan. Some fall into despair and hopelessness, while others use their success to pay it forward by mentoring those in need of a hero!

Our Heroes Are Ordinary People : With A Purpose : For A Purpose.

Our Purpose : Services We Will Offer

Coalition of Heroes is a for-purpose organization creating an international movement by serving individuals that fall into the criteria below and utilizing the services that we will provide to make a positive impact in their future.

1) Our Criteria – Unlike other programs, our ideal candidates will be those individuals that inspire to become entrepreneurs and fall into these 5 categories. (unemployed vets, cancer patients, the homeless, disadvantaged youth, and orphaned foster kids)

Why these categories? – Being a serial entrepreneur at an early age, I’ve had great successes and failures. I’ve been homeless twice and faced death 3 times due to illness. Having a hero to save me from a life of despair, gave me the opportunity to rebuild and reinvent myself. It’s having these real world experiences is why I have chosen these categories. Ashamed to reach out to my own family when I found myself homeless, had it not been for my heroes that opened up their home and foster me, I would not be here today.

2) Entrepreneurial Training Program – Everyone at some point in their lives, will have a great idea. It’s the ability to execute their idea is what will determine if they will succeed or fail as entrepreneurs. Similar to the Founders Institute or Operation Hope, COH will be comprised of mentors from all walks of life, that have created their own success and are dedicated to our mission of paying it forward and being the hero/mentor to those less fortunate.

Candidates will learn everything they need to know about starting their careers as entrepreneurs and giving back to the community. They will learn financial literacy, how to grow their business, and more importantly how to sustain their business model.

Candidates will be able to take advantage of the services provided by Creative New Media, in building out their Minimum Viable Product, based on the principles of Eric Ries : The Lean Startup. Creative New Media, Inc. will serve as the Incubation Company that guides each startup from concept to final launch. If more funding is needed, CNM will guide each startup with the opportunity to utilize crowdfunding sources like Kickstarter by crafting the perfect pitch video for their campaign.

3) Coalition Of Heroes Union Bank (COHUB) – Having been homeless twice and having bad credit, it’s very difficult to regain any financial stability. By having our own Non-Profit Credit Union Bank, the Founders (Ed Reyes & Lalaine Lao) will serve as Angel Investors.

They will provide individuals that go through our Entrepreneurial Training Program with a Grant and Free COHUB Membership Banking Account to be used as Startup Capital for their for-profit or non-profit venture. Unlike Commercial Banks, Credit Union Banks are owned by it’s members and not by corporate share holders. No credit checks here. A clean slate for everyone. Deposits are FDIC insured as well. Pretty much the same services as the big named banks. Through our financial literacy program, we will create a customized financial plan for them to pay off their existing debt and rebuild their credit history.

The Grant amount will be determined based on the needs of the startup, and will be deemed as an Angel Investment (no repayment). As our Credit Union grows in membership, we will offer our members the opportunity to be Investors in any of the startups we will be incubating.

4) Our Social Media Heroes – Part of any successful startup, whether it be a for-profit or non-profit business, is the ability to market yourself, your brand, your cause, the services you offer or the product you wish to sell.

Through our specialized Social Media Training, we will teach our new entrepreneurs how to become their own media company. Using my celebrity friends and influencers that work in the entertainment industry, these individuals will be asked to dedicate a small portion of their time every month and serve as part of our Founding Heroes.

Having managed millions of fans across the celebrities I have worked with in my career, there is no question that a simple tweet or endorsement can go along way in establishing a startup’s brand awareness.

5) Giving Back – Every candidate that we choose to incubate their for-profit or non-profit venture will be required to do 2 things.
1) Set aside a portion of their available time every month to be a Hero/Mentor to others. It does not have to be with our COH Members. It could be a cause they support or individuals they find that could use their help or knowledge.
2) Donate any amount to our annual award ceremony, where we honor those individuals that fall into our 10 Hero Award Categories.

Our Vision : Long Term Goals

When I was working with my friend J.R. Martinez, Army Veteran and motivational speaker, I first learned about the CNN Heroes Awards. I was like, what a great way to honor these everyday people.

This got me to thinking, with the global popularity of the Superhero Franchises brought about by Marvel and DC. Wouldn’t it be great to hold an MTV Video/Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice type event where the nominees are those that display the qualities of what some of our more popular Superhero Characters portray. Check out my top 10 potential award categories displayed on the sidebar of this page.

Maybe once we’ve gained momentum with our non-profit, we can have our inaugural event be at a time where either a Marvel or DC movie is set to premiere, and maybe we can get a few of the cast members as presenters for their character’s award.

For example the “Tony Stark/Iron Man” award goes to an individual that invented something that benefits humanity as a whole, presented by Robert Downey, Jr. Or the “Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk” award goes to a scientist who discovers something that leads to a medical breakthrough, presented by Mark Ruffallo. You get the picture. Or even have cast members do a PSA, for any of the causes we support.

Who knows if any of this is possible or how to go about getting the studios or actors involved.
If anything I’m determined to make this happen!

The Game Plan

Unlike the CNN Heroes Awards. As a startup non-profit we don’t or won’t have the financial capabilities to give out $750,000 in Cash Awards to the top 10 nominees and the overall winner.

Instead, a majority of the funding for now will come from the Video Game that Lalaine and I are developing, CubeCombo.

Another source of revenue will come from the section on this website I labeled CoFounded Ventures. Very much like my tech friends/turned investors and are all doing very well. My goal, starting in September is to be a CoFounder in other people’s startups. My only requirements would be that my other CoFounder would agree to not only pay it forward by being a mentor to others in our Coalition of Heroes, but to set aside a portion of the profits to fund our non-profit.

Money’s raised through the non-profit will go towards creating more entrepreneurs, helping ordinary individuals of all ages that have a purpose or cause they believe in. Establishing a plan to set them on a path to financial freedom, allowing them to fulfill their purpose and further their cause.

Unlike the CNN Heroes Awards, at some point the cash will be spent.
With a Coalition of Heroes/Mentors guiding you and a little seed money, together we can accomplish huge feats!
At some point we may ask for donations or do fundraisers, but for now this passion project of ours will be self funded.

Theme Song for Coalition Of Heroes: The Script's - Superheroes

It was only recently that my dear friend Debbie, who by the way was the one that rescued and took me in when I had nothing, homeless, broke, then living in my car. She was on her way back from her vacation in Maui, stopped by a T-Shirt store and overheard this song, while buying me a Superman Shirt, with the “S” in the form of a shark. She told Lalaine that it reminded her of me and all the pain I had to overcome and using that pain, to power my way through to where I am today.

This song, embodies everything that as a superhero fan myself can relate to. I can’t stop listening to it. Awesome lyrics, great story behind the music video. So inspiring! Let’s hope when we hold our Inaugural Event, I can invite these 3 talented guys to perform.

Marvel & DC Music Video Tributes to The Script's - Superheroes

As a video editor myself, I just admire the amount of effort that these individuals have dedicated to finding great source material to compose their interpretation of The Script’s – Superheroes song. As a superhero fanboy, the story telling in these Music Videos is incredible! Please Subscribe to their Youtube Channels.

Lessons One Can Learn From Superheroes

A couple years ago I was fortunate to attend a seminar given by Jason Nazar, Founder and CEO of Docstoc.
As a superhero fanatic myself, I can totally relate to Jason.

Those who have visited my man cave, know that I’m surrounded by all things Superheroes. I even have different shirts I wear when I work. When I have this sense of urgency to finish a project, I put on my “Flash” shirt. If I want to work on my inventions I wear my “Tony Stark/Iron Man” shirt (yes it does light up). You get the picture. Corny, but hey it works for me.



Left to Right

Starting with my mom, who has always been there through all my health ailments and other life struggles.

My Foster family, Glenna, my “Granny” (for opening up her home to me). Jackie, (the little sister I never had).
Debbie, my savior (for rescuing me from living in my car homeless, hungry and broke. Too ashamed to reach out to family)

Finally, my best friend and the love of my life: Lalaine, who has always been supportive and beside me.
I don’t know what I’d do without her!




Left to Right

Never before seen photo: This is what a homeless, broke, suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Severe Plaque Psoriasis, Lupus, Diabetes and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma looks like. Unemployable and depressed, it’s because of this I’ve conditioned myself to always work alone. If I don’t know a subject I educate myself. I’m very proud to have the skill sets that allows me to do what I do.

My late little brother Edwin Reyes, who gave his life protecting his friends. A TRUE SUPERHERO, I miss him so much!
As his big brother, my only regret is that I couldn’t save him.

Finally, after being told that I had only 6 months to live on Sept 2009, unless I underwent my own Stem Cell Transplant at City of Hope, I had no other options, considering I failed chemo twice. Thankfully my own stem cells regenerated everything, traces of all my other ailments except for diabetes were no longer present. A true miracle patient and now I am a part of City of Hope’s research program. The results were totally unexpected.


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