Focus On The Opportunity ... Not The Obstacles

Ever since I saw Iron Man on the big screen, the Tony Stark Inventor persona, intrigued me. The special effects were great, but it’s the possibility of inventing what he’s created got me thinking. So the summer of 2013. I took a trip back home to NJ to visit my parents in Atlantic City. My dad has a background not only in video editing and production but a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Philippines. I saw how out of scraps Tony Stark was able to build a mini ARC Reactor to generate enough energy to save his life and power the Iron Man Suit.

Before my trip I was building a new high end server. I reused parts from my older machines, and then it hit me. My aha moment, I can generate energy that in a closed loop will be able to sustain itself. I started learning all the laws of physics & motion, conservation of energy, thermodynamics, the whole gamut of energy. Taking from Albert Einstein’s quote – “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” I was like cool, I can figure out how to generate it, just nothing out there yet to store the energy. Until Elon Musk released the Tesla Powerwall recently!

My dad and I headed to the Tropicana, I don’t gamble. While he was betting on the horses, I was scribbling my invention idea on a cocktail napkin. I showed my dad, and the next day we make that father & son trip to Radio Shack, he buys me a electronics book for dummies and my very own solar kit, as if this was a high school science project. I told him funny, since he taught me how to solder at age 15 when me and my twin brother were helping my him build and wire full blown control rooms for in house video production. I guess we were small enough to get under the floor boards or behind the panels to do all the wiring.

We head home and with whatever I can find in my parents house, I started building. 24 hours later my prototype was born, we tested it, hooked up the voltmeter to it, and I was generating an AC current. Oh YEA! Since I went to college for Art & Architecture at Pratt Institute, modeling my prototype in 3D via Autocad, was no biggie. The problem back in 2013, was that 3D printing was super expensive, and I couldn’t trust my design to someone else, without securing the utility patent first.

So my next step was to do an extensive patent search. Sucks, someone had the same concept but it wasn’t being developed. So back to the drawing board, I studied the actual blueprints of the ARC reactor in the Iron Man movie, and readjusted my invention design to be modular and produce more AC current exponentially. Hopefully this will set mine apart from the existing version and not get a 102 or 103 rejection from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

When I got back home to LA, I started on my new modular device. Again using whatever I could find around the house. It worked, I’m totally all in now!

I guess my next step is to do the actual blueprint designs and artwork for patent submission, using all the industry standard tools in my 3D arsenal to generate the simulations, then off to 3D Printing. I’m hoping by now the costs would have come down and I’ll just invest in my own printer.

My end goal, is to be able to share this technology with everyone, just like Elon. If all goes well hopefully it makes enough money so that we can bring it to those areas of the world that need electricity.

“Invention is the most important product of man’s creative brain.” – Nikola Tesla


“The Ability To Produce Our Own Renewable Energy Is All Around Us, It’s Just A Matter Of Storing What Has Been Generated.
Thank You Elon and The Tesla Powerwall! I Can Finally Move Forward With My Device.”

:: ED REYES ::

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